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I have to memories this long ass scene from "The Glass Menagerie"  in one night. I think I could could it, but I kind of feel kinda bad for the rest of the class.  <_<

Wish me luck tomorrow.

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Man!! I was so screwed over by my own family.

For those of you who don't know I work as a security guard in my cousins company. I've been working for about 2 years there with the same pay. I liked the job because I was able to do all my homework while at work, but just recently I was laid off. About a few months ago almost everyone quit and he was in dire need for people to fill shifts. I busted my ass for him and worked 80+ hours a WEEK. Now recently he got a whole load of new people and he's been putting them first before me. Making me go to these work sites that are clearly out of my way. Now that he has a huge flux of people now he tells me that has he lost the site I was working for and that he can't give me work for some time. I think that's total bullshit. He could move out one of the new people and give me some work.  I mean I'm his cousin. Isn't that what family is for. Well, maybe he wasn't raised the same way I was. AHHHHGG!! I don't know what to do now.
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   Ok so now I have a live jounal account. It seems pretty cool. I guess I should start writing the. Wait I am writing...

    So let's start by how my life is going right now.

    I'm Cris Colina, 20 y.o. at the moment and I'm living a pretty awesome life right now.
    I'm going to H.C.C.  (Hillsborough Community College) for my Associates degree in Arts. I'm planning on transferring to USF afterwards.
    Now as for my job, I'm a Security Officer for my cousins company G.S.S. Security. It's a pretty nice gig since I can do all my homework while being at work.

    Also I have an amazing new girl friend that I love to death!! Her name is Victoria, Vic for short. I've known her for about a year now, we've always been really great friends.
   I first met her at Al Lopez Park. I was just Chillin' waiting at the park for my moms plane to come in from the Philipines since it was running late. While at the park I noticed a couple people swinging around foam weapons at each other.  I thought it looked cool so I went over to see what it was all about. Very first person I see is Vic, I asked her about this game they were playing. She explained it to me and I was hooked. From that day on, my life had meaning because before then I didn't really have many friends. Then after I been going out to Amtgard for a while Vic tells me about this Convention called Metrocon. The funny thing is that I was looking up Metrocon about a month before I even knew Vic. I was planning on trying out for a role in the Anime Human Chess match in which Vic and her sister Liz has been apart of. Pretty small world heh. I tried out and made it in the cast. I was so happy. Vic didn't get in because she had a huge role in the Masquarade. She was friggin' queen Beril from Sailor Moon. She's such a sweet girl but, I have to admit she makes an awesome villian. I was happy every time that I got to see her at practice. She's the kind of person that just makes you want to smile all the time. While at Metrocon practice I also made tons of other friends that become family to me. I never knew that I would have so many friends that care about me as much as they do. Vic, Henry, Mike, Matt, Roy, Jonnie, Nick, Don, James, Liz, Courtney, Garion, Logan, Ben, Peter, Luke, Pez, Stephine, Terry, Alex, Rob, Deandra, Vincent, Erin and so many others. This was a very high point for me. I felt excepted as a person and not for being someone else, but for being myself. Sadly I lost touch with my old friends because after I started to act as myself they would make fun of me. I saw then that they weren't really my friends, they were just a group of people that I wanted to except me. Well I believe that Vic helped me alot though this change in my life which would explain my strong feelings for her. About a month ago I told Vic that I really liked her and that I just wanted her to know that. I was kind of scared to tell her at first but, I finally found the courage to do so. Once I told her she gave me a hug and smiled at me. I knew she was already with someone so I couldn't ask her out. Then a week later I went to NecronomiCon for the Metrocon Panel that they were holding. Vic was there so that made me very happy. Later on that day I was hanging out with my bro Henry and he told me that there is going to be a surprise today. He kept it really vague but, he told me that it was about Vic. My mind was racing I needed to know this surprise. So we all finally come down stairs from Roy's room and there she was. Vic hooked her arm around my arm and told me that she needed to tell me something. we walked alone for a little while then stopped. She turned and looked up to me with those big beautiful brown eyes and asked me "Would you like to go out with me?" My heart was beating so fast. I said "YES!" and then gave her a huge hug. I was so happy. My life was now complete.  We were together since October, 6th 2007. Life has been great ever since.

Current Mood: loved loved

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